RECs Trading Fees Comparison

RECs Trading Fees Comparison

What are the differences for cost when going through REHash vs current interaction with the I-REC registry?

I-REC REC Issuance per 1 MWh is Eur $0.025, approximately USD $0.03.

The price of REC issuance for I-REC is the same regardless of whether it is using our REHASH system or directly via the registry.

REHash system offer free account registration and provide the generators the option to make payment for REC issuance only upon RECs sales, hence reducing their barrier of entry for issuing RECs.

Below is the cost structure to the generators for onboarding devices and RECs issuance in greater details.

Direct with Registry

REHash Platform

Going through REHash to register devices also means shorter turnaround time (weeks versus months). For distributed residential rooftop devices onboarding, going through REHash to onboard will also cut down on the amount of paperwork needed.

For more details on I-REC Fee Structure, please click here