APX provides complete coverage for renewable energy certificate (RECs) creation, management, and transactions across North America. They work to facilitate the continued growth of clean energy generation and usage across different industries.

Leveraging 20 years of being the leading provider of REC tracking solutions in both the voluntary and compliance markets in every region of the US, APX created two separate but equally robust REC tracking platforms. These platforms, NAR and TIGR, offer complete worldwide REC portfolio coverage. Our North American Renewables Registry (NAR) covers REC tracking across all of North America, while the Tradable Instrument for Global Renewables (TIGR) covers the rest of the world.

Features of APX TIGR

APX created the Tradable Instrument for Global Renewables (TIGR) Registry as an online platform for tracking and transferring Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), enabling developers to generate, verify, and sell RECs.  RECs track all environmental attributes of one megawatt-hour of renewably generated power, allowing you to demonstrate your sustainability achievements in a tangible and verifiable way.  The global demand for renewable energy is growing by the day. With this, there are increasing numbers of corporate and industrial energy consumers who want to buy renewable energy using a credible tracking system. The TIGR Registry enables transparent, secure, and reliable tracking of RECs, which is backed by APX quality standards. 

Work with APX’s Trusted Partner in Asia - REDEX

REDEX is collaborating with APX to drive the uptake of renewable energy solutions in Asia, particularly in Singapore. As APX’s trusted partner, we offer a digital REC trading platform called REHash for you to buy or sell RECs. 

The REHash platform guides you seamlessly through the entire REC lifecycle, covering essential steps such as asset registration, product verification, marketplace, and retirement. If you’re looking to engage in REC trading within the dynamic Singapore energy market, sign up for our platform and leverage our straightforward solution to contribute to a sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions About APX’s TIGR

An APX TIGR Registry account provides users with an online platform to track and transfer Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), allowing developers to generate, verify, and sell RECs.

Once a Retirement Certificate is requested in TIGR, it typically cannot be amended, meaning you can no longer move or transfer it out of the Retirement Sub-account. This process is designed to maintain the integrity and transparency of the REC retirement system. That way, retired RECs can no longer be transferable to another party.

The TIGR Registry plays a pivotal role in supporting REC issuance and tracking by providing a centralised and secure digital platform for recording and managing RECs. The platform helps streamline the issuance process, ensuring accurate and reliable tracking of RECs throughout their lifecycle.