REHash is a product from Singapore company REDEX involving in the buying and selling of Renewable Energy Certificates

Explore our digitally secure trading platform that is integrated with an internationally recognised Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) registry. REDEX is an Accredited Platform Operator under the I-TRACK Foundation. Start trading your RECs today.

About REHash

A digital secured platform integrated with internationally recognized RECs registry.

With our RECs Exchange, users can buy and sell RECs with advanced features such as buy, sell, limit orders and more. 

Register, buy and sell RECs with absolute confidence.

Benefits of REHash

Here are a few reasons why you should use our platform for REC trading.

Increase market efficiency

More efficient price discovery and trading of RECs, which can benefit both buyers and sellers

Transparency and liquidity

Clear display of availability and prices of RECs, which can help to create a more liquid market

Access to a wider market

Larger market of buyers and sellers, which can help to create greater opportunities for trading


Help companies to meet their sustainability goals and regulatory requirements

International Registries

Supports end to end management of international REC standards

Confidence in transaction

All platform participants are screened through with standard compliance

Why REHash?

Here are a few reasons why you should use our platform for REC trading.

REHash Exchange Features

Users can create both buy and sell limit orders, view notional summaries of limit orders, and get a comprehensive view of open, matched, and historical orders for better decision-making.

Manage RECs Inventory

Generators can now better track and manage their RECs, including verifying their renewable energy production and the issuance of RECs

Manage your inventory according to:

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Retire RECs with a Click

Simplified tracking and reporting of RECs retirement with trusted digital certificates for download.

Seamless Registration with International Registries

REDEX is an Accredited Platform Operator under the I-TRACK Foundation. Register and transfer RECs through I-REC API, a widely recognized international REC registry.

Impact Marketplace

Fostering change through transformative impact investing opportunities, REHash empowers users to make a meaningful difference to the community and environment through RECs.

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Unlock the potential of clean renewable energy for your business by joining our REC trading platform. Through REHash, we simplify the process of buying and selling renewable energy certificates, connecting you with reliable buyers and sellers in the market. Rest assured, our platform prioritises security, and all users undergo thorough screening to enhance the confidence and trustworthiness of the entire community. By choosing REHash, you are engaging in a secure and transparent ecosystem committed to advancing green energy solutions for businesses. Fill out our form to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable energy certificates trading involves the buying and selling of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to support and encourage the use of renewable energy sources. RECs represent the environmental attributes of a specific amount of renewable energy produced and can be traded separately from the actual energy. This trading mechanism enables businesses and individuals to financially support and invest in renewable energy projects, even if they are not directly connected to the energy grid. By engaging in the REC trading market, participants are credited to the growth of renewable energy infrastructure and promote sustainable practices within the energy sector.

REC investments can be a great financial and environmentally conscientious decision. They provide individuals and businesses with an avenue to support renewable energy projects without the need for direct infrastructure investments. While returns are primarily environmental, they also have a positive impact on corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals. Additionally, as society increasingly values and incentivises renewable energy practices, the demand for RECs may rise, potentially influencing market dynamics.

To trade RECs effectively with REHash, start by signing up for our REC trading platform. Once registered, familiarise yourself with the available options and market trends. Utilise the platform’s user-friendly interface to easily browse and connect with trusted buyers and sellers. Moreover, it’s essential you stay informed about renewable energy developments and regulatory changes that may impact REC values.

Know that REHash employs stringent screening processes for users, ensuring a secure and reliable trading environment. Actively engage in the community, and consider consulting with our support team should you have any inquiries or concerns. By staying informed, building connections, and leveraging the features of REHash, you can navigate the REC market effectively and contribute to the growth of renewable energy initiatives.