Introduction to I-REC(E)

The I-REC for Electricity, or I-REC(E) is a universally recognised standard that certifies the renewable origin of electricity, ensuring credibility and sustainability in the energy sector. The I-REC(E) standard, adopted in more than 60 countries across Asia, Oceania, Africa, South America, and Middle America, mirrors the Guarantees of Origin in Europe and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in North America, where one I-REC(E) guarantees the origin of one MWh of renewable electricity injected into the grid.

How Does I-REC(E) Work?

The I-REC(E) standard, managed by the International Tracking Standard Foundation, or I-TRACK Foundation, serves as a robust attribute tracking system applicable worldwide. This standard necessitates collaboration with local stakeholders and government authorities, ensuring compliance with both local and national regulations. Recognised globally by major reporting frameworks like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), CDP, and RE100, the I-REC(E) offers a reliable foundation for credible and auditable tracking instruments. It emphasises the highest quality systems and adherence to best practices, effectively preventing issues like double counting, double certificate issuance, and double attribute claims.

The International Attribute Tracking Standard of I-REC(E) ensures market facilitators maintain best practices and good governance principles for the tracking instrument and the associated markets they manage. In this way, the I-REC can be implemented for a myriad of products both within and beyond the energy sector that can benefit from harmonisation, recognition, market support, and independent oversight.

Take Your Business to Sustainable Heights with I-REC(E)

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Frequently Asked Questions About I-RECs(E)

I-RECs(E) are regulated by the International Tracking Standard Foundation in collaboration with local and national authorities. This ensures that the certificates meet stringent guidelines and adhere to international standards, providing businesses with a reliable method of certifying their renewable energy usage.

An I-REC(E) interest refers to the stake a company or individual holds in promoting and utilising renewable energy. By acquiring I-RECs(E), entities demonstrate their commitment to sustainable energy practices, contributing to global decarbonisation efforts and environmental responsibility.

Purchasing an I-REC for Electricity, or I-REC(E), is pivotal for businesses aiming to authenticate their renewable energy use and reduce their carbon footprint. I-RECs(E) offer a credible and auditable means to support renewable energy initiatives, enhance corporate sustainability, and comply with international environmental standards.