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Every organisation utilises energy in the course of running their operations.

But have you ever wondered where the energy source comes from?

Our world is facing the greatest threat known to mankind – climate change. 

Globally, the over-reliance on non-renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels contributes to an unsustainable energy economy and negatively impacts the environment.

Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, allow any organisation or individual to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing proof of electricity generated by renewable energy sources. 

REDEX’s seamless platforms allow for transparent trading of RECs. This enables any buyer who is looking to adopt clean energy solutions to reduce their carbon footprint, enter the ecosystem with ease. 

Get started with REDEX and start contributing to the alleviation of climate change today!

Introducing REDEX

Why Buy Renewable Energy Certificates with REDEX

Reduce carbon footprint

Buy renewable energy certificates and work towards ESG goals.

Adopt greener energy sources

Renewable energy certificates associated with renewable energy sources like solar power are readily available on our platforms for purchase.

Access to a wider market

Access a larger market of renewable energy certificates of buyers and sellers, which can help to create greater opportunities for trading.


Help companies to meet their sustainability goals and regulatory requirements.

International registries

Accredited Platform Operator under I-TRACK Foundation; supports end to end management of international REC prices and standards.

Confidence in transaction

All platform participants are screened for standard compliance.

Benefits of Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates


Utilise sustainable sources of energy and work towards your ESG goals.

Companies can buy RECs to reduce their carbon footprint, demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and support renewable energy projects.

Care for the Climate

By being part of the renewable energy ecosystem, you and your organisation can play a part reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reversing climate change.

By buying Renewable Energy Certificates, individuals and companies can support renewable energy projects and minimise environmental damage caused by relying on traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels.

Contribute to Corporate Sustainability Goals

Make the switch to green energy and meet your sustainability goals by buying RECs.

Buying RECs can also incentivise the creation of new renewable energy projects.

Buy Renewable Energy Certificates with REDEX

Discover the transformative impact of energy attribute certificates on your company's sustainability journey. By choosing to buy renewable energy certificates through REDEX, you or your organisation will not only be credited for reducing your carbon footprint but also actively contributing to the global shift towards greener energy solutions. Take a pivotal step in your company's commitment to environmental stewardship by learning how to engage in the trading of RECs and selling of green energy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Renewable Energy Certificates and Their Prices in Singapore

When companies, institutions, and individuals purchase RECs, they can be credited for reducing their carbon footprint and supporting clean, renewable energy.

To contribute to the green energy economy as a buyer,  kindly fill up the form below and we will assist you on getting started.

REDEX operates a one-stop ecosystem for renewable energy certificates. We address the pain points of the RECs market and provide technological solutions that enable individuals and organisations to buy and sell renewable energy certificates with ease. Our platform provides a seamless experience for buyers to trace, purchase and retire high quality RECs. Contact us to kickstart your renewable energy journey.

Many of our clients purchased their first renewable energy certificate with us and keep coming back for more! Contact us and we will guide you on the process of buying your first renewable energy certificate. The process is seamless and easy. 

REDEX is an Accredited Platform Operator under the I-TRACK Foundation and an established company in the renewable energy market. We have worked with many organisations including financial institutions and companies in many other industries to buy or sell renewable energy certificates to optimise their renewable energy consumption. Get in touch with us to find out more about our company and what we do in the sustainability space!

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