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About REConnect

REConnect enables income generation from grid-connected rooftop solar.

Simple registration process and API connection to start earning today! 

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Why REConnect?

If you wish to earn income using solar energy from your grid-connected rooftop solar, find out why you should use our solar asset management app.

Increased Income

Helps rooftop owners and EPC partners acquire solar assets data to gain additional income streams.

Hassle-Free Acquisition​

Simplifies registration process for solar assets to generate income from RECs.

Environmental Benefit​

Facilitating the energy transition journey, allowing rooftop owners to positively impact the environment.

Benefits of REConnect

Facilitating the energy transition journey, our solar asset management app allows rooftop owners to positively impact the environment.

Incentive Programmes

Get cash benefits for each kWp registered on the app, incentivising solar panel installation, usage, and carbon footprint reduction. 

Add Devices With Ease

Onboard your assets using REConnect effortlessly. 

Enjoy the benefits without any additional effort!

Generation Data At One Glance

With the ability to view the energy produced by your solar panel on your device, you can easily monitor and track your energy generation overtime. 

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Maximise your income potential by harnessing the energy generated by your rooftop solar installation. With REConnect, we provide you with a seamless platform to not only optimise the financial benefits of your solar panels but also to capitalise on the added value of your existing solar project services. By joining our solar asset management app, you open the door to incentives tied directly to the production of your solar panels. Whether you are a residential user or a business owner with solar infrastructure, signing up with REConnect positions you to start earning while actively promoting the use of renewable energy solutions. Register today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Asset Management

Solar asset management involves the comprehensive oversight and optimisation of solar energy installations to maximise their performance, efficiency, and financial returns. This includes monitoring the production of solar panels, ensuring proper maintenance, and leveraging data analytics to make informed decisions about solar assets. Overall, solar asset management aims to enhance the overall operational and financial performance of solar projects, whether they are residential rooftop installations or large-scale solar farms.

REConnect helps in generating solar income by providing a green energy platform for individuals and businesses to monetise the energy produced by their rooftop solar installations. By signing up with REConnect, users can tap into incentives tied to the production of their solar panels. The platform also facilitates the addition of value to existing solar project services, creating opportunities for additional income streams.

REConnect operates as a user-friendly platform that facilitates the generation of solar income. Users begin by signing up and registering their solar installations on the platform. Once registered, REConnect enables energy monitoring and optimisation of the performance of your solar panels. The platform provides avenues for earning incentives based on the energy production of the solar panels. Additionally, you can explore opportunities to enhance your solar project services, further increasing your income potential. Feel free to contact our support team to learn more about how you can benefit from REConnect.