Sell Renewable Energy Certificates and Be Part of the Green Energy Movement

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Be a Green Energy Seller Today

Do you own a renewable source of energy such as a solar panel, or are you considering implementing renewable energy technologies?

The demand for Green Energy is very real. Globally, the number of RECs issued (a good proxy for renewable energy demand) is more than doubling every year. 

Many organisations are looking to decarbonise and reduce their carbon footprint in their business operations. As such, switching to Green Energy is the simplest concrete step for any organisation to take.

Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, allow any organisation or individual to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing proof of electricity generated by renewable energy sources. Renewable energy generators can earn additional income by selling RECs associated with the renewable energy generated.

As an owner of a renewable energy source, you can partner with REDEX, an Accredited Platform Operator under the I-TRACK Foundation, to provide your renewable energy certificates to sell to legitimate buyers within our platforms. 

Partner REDEX and join the renewable energy economy today!

Introducing REDEX

Why Sell Renewable Energy Certificates with REDEX

Monetise and sell your renewable energy certificates

Contribute to the supply of renewable energy - sell RECs and earn extra income from your renewable energy.

Be part of the green energy movement

By contributing to the production of green energy, you are playing a key role in reducing fossil fuel energy consumption.

Access to a wider market

Attract and sell to ready buyers of renewable energy.

Reputable platform

REDEX has facilitated the transactions of many large and small companies.


Our secure platform ensures that you sell to legitimate buyers looking to purchase RECs.

Global audience

Sell your renewable energy globally.

Maximising Impact and Revenues by Selling RECs

Be Part of the Green Ecosystem

Sell sustainable sources of green energy and contribute to the green economy.

When a renewable energy source generates electricity, the associated renewable energy certificates prove that the electricity was generated in an environmentally friendly way.

Contribute to the Reversal of Climate Change

Individuals and organisations can support clean energy generation and have a positive environmental impact.

By being part of the renewable energy ecosystem, you and your organisation can play a part in reversing climate change.

Income Stream

Selling RECs can be an additional source of income for individuals and companies. You can earn revenue that can be credited to financing your future renewable energy projects by utilising our simple-to-use platforms.

Sell Renewable Energy Certificates with REDEX

Partner with REDEX, where clean energy trading is not just about selling RECs but a step towards a sustainable future. Unlock new revenue streams and contribute significantly to clean energy solutions by selling renewable energy certificates.

REDEX empowers you with the tools and expertise to navigate the green energy market effectively. Join our mission to strengthen the energy landscape. Embrace the opportunity to make a difference by becoming a renewable energy seller. Let REDEX be your guide in harnessing the potential of renewable energy, paving the way for a cleaner, greener world.

Learn how to sell RECs and gain an additional stream of income with REDEX.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Renewable Energy Certificates

To contribute to the green energy economy, you will need to have a source of renewable energy, like solar panels. If you are looking to produce renewable energy or sell renewable energy certificates from an existing source, kindly fill out the form below and we will assist you in getting started.

On top of contributing to the renewable energy ecosystem, selling RECs allows you to earn financial incentives through our programme and reduce the amount of time needed to recoup your investment for setting up your renewable energy source, such as solar panels.

You can also sell RECs to defray the cost of building renewable energy plants.

Contact us via the form below on how to get started.

We can explore possibilities with you or your organisation in setting up a renewable energy source with our partners. Please get in touch with us and we will advise on some options.

REDEX is an Accredited Platform Operator under the I-TRACK Foundation and an established company in the renewable energy market. We have worked with many organisations including financial institutions and companies in many other industries to sell or buy renewable energy certificates to optimise their renewable energy consumption. Get in touch with us to find out more about our company and what we do in the sustainability space!

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