EDF, REDEX and Rekursive Labs Collaborate on Proof-of-Concept for Automating Renewable Energy Certificates Transactions using Hedera

EDF, REDEX and Rekursive Labs have successfully collaborated on a Proof-of-Concept for automating  Renewable Energy Certificates transactions using Hedera. The project enables end consumers to retire small quantities of RECs in real time.

Électricité de France (EDF) is one of the world’s largest electricity producers and an active member of the Hedera Council. Collaborating with REDEX and Rekursive Labs, a specialist in Web3 distributed ledger technology (DLT) enterprise solutions, a successful Proof-of-Concept was developed and paves the way for a more efficient renewable energy market.

The POC successfully demonstrated that automatic redemption of tokenised RECs at electric vehicle charging stations can be accomplished using EDF’s MASERA Microgrid in Singapore.