General Questions

In the context of claiming 100% solar energy use, a property owner with suitable land/rooftop space for the installation and direct ownership of a solar photovoltaic system that generates sufficient electricity for the premise can choose this option. 
Where space is unavailable or direct capital expenditure is not preferred, power purchase agreements with renewable energy developers can be explored, where the claim of renewable energy use may be validated through the RECs issued from respective project(s). 
The third option for claiming the consumption of renewable energy is through the purchase and redemption of standalone RECs to cover the volume of electricity consumed. This option allows for the setting of specific criteria pertaining to the nature and origin of RECs desired. 
Albeit through different mechanisms, all three options serve the same purpose of allowing the claim of renewable energy consumption. 

RECs and Carbon Offsets credits are two different instruments. RECs are measured in terms of electricity units and are used to validate the consumption of electricity from renewable sources. On the other hand, Carbon Offsets are measured in units of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) and are used to represent the reductions/avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Questions on APX Asset Registration

Coordinates refers to the Latitude and Longitude of the Asset address/location where it was built at. It can be at same location as the company if Asset is installed on the rooftop. (Provide Asset photo to justify.)

You will be asked to enter both the co-ordinates of the asset and the address of the asset on the Registry. The address must be the address of the asset (e.g. the address of the wind farm, solar plant, hydropower plant, etc) and not the office address of the Asset owner. 

No, in order for an Asset to be registered we will need the exact co-ordinates of the Asset. The co-ordinates should be the co-ordinates of the asset and not the co-ordinates for the office address of the Asset owner.