REDEX Attends REC Market Meeting

Held from 16 to 17 April in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this year’s REC Market Meeting explored the trends shaping renewable energy markets and their impact on the industry.

Similar to 2023, the conference ran three parallel streams, with each session dedicated to providing insights on consumer action and global energy markets. Delegates had the opportunity to hear from actors across the Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) value chain, including regulators, system operators, producers, traders, buyers, and end-users.

The three streams were:

Track A: Europe in focus – these sessions covered recent market, legislative, and system developments at both national and European levels.

Track B: Global markets and initiatives – this stream offered information and insights into renewables markets around the world, while analysing key national and international developments.

Track C: EACs in practice – this track aimed to help delegates new to the industry to understand essential aspects of energy attribute certificates.

Team REDEX, represented by Kang Jen Wee Kang, Xiao Zhaotan Xiao and Tricia Tan, had the opportunity to connect with business and key opinion leaders, and engaging in fruitful discussions on #decarbonisation and the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) ecosystem.

REDEX also participated in last year’s event, with Jen Wee joining a panel of industry leaders to present on the future of I-REC expansion and its implications for standardised markets.

As an active contributor to the renewable energy industry, REDEX will continue to share our expertise and #innovative technological solutions to accelerate the global energy transition!