REDEX, Evident and the Green Certificate Company
Discuss Development of RECs Ecosystem

The renewable energy certificate (REC) industry is dynamic and evolving rapidly. To strategise the growth and development of the REC ecosystem, more than 25 representatives from REDEX, Evident and GCC met up for a hybrid workshop in Evident’s Head Office in Sheffield, United Kingdom from 11-14 March 2024.

Participants discussed a wide range of subjects relating to energy attribute certificates with Evident Chief Technology Officer Jason Slatcher and REDEX’s Chief Operating Officer Chee Yong Lee and Chief Technology Officer Son Le focusing on technological collaborations. Initiatives for onboarding rooftop solar PVs were also brought up by REDEX Head of Origination Samuel Low.

The workshop also enabled the three organisations to forge stronger ties and gain better understanding on how to further the decarbonisation of energy.

Team REDEX thanks Ed Everson and the teams at Evident and GCC for hosting the event and looks forward to deepening engagement with our partners to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy.