REDEX Founder and CEO Speaks at CERAWeek 2024

REDEX Founder & CEO Kang Jen Wee Kang spoke at the Innovation Agora at CERAWeek 2024. CERAWeek brings together global leaders to advance new ideas, insight and solutions to the biggest challenges facing the future of energy, the environment, and climate. This year’s event explores strategies for a multidimensional, multispeed and multifuel energy transition. The multidimensional energy transition reflects different realities and timelines by region, technology, industry strategies, the variety of social and political approaches and divergent national priorities in an increasingly multipolar world.

Jen Wee shared that achieving net zero energy is a complex issue, requiring multiple stakeholders collaborating to develop solutions that balance diverse perspectives and interests. These include the challenge of measuring emissions, in particular Scope 3, which is potentially preventing companies from taking action to reduce their carbon footprint. Jen Wee advocated that companies need not wait for a perfect solution; they could kickstart their decarbonisation journey by implementing readily available solutions such as using renewable energy certificates (RECs) to reduce their Scope 2 emissions.

In addition, Jen Wee highlighted that distributed (rooftop) solar is gaining traction as a renewable energy source and becoming the dominant form of solar installation globally. With our REConnect mobile app that allows rooftop solar owners to easily register their assets to a REC registry, REDEX is well-positioned to capitalise on this burgeoning opportunity to serve the solar PV community.

We are grateful to Petronas for enabling our participation, and S&P Global for organising this event that seeks to foster collaboration, develop solutions and resolve the challenges of the global energy transition.