REDEX Interview with Commodity Trading Insider

REDEX Executive Director, Zhaotan Xiao, chatted with Ben Hillary, Managing Director of Commodities People, about the dynamic and evolving market of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in Asia, particularly in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Zhaotan discussed the rapid growth of the RECs market, driven by companies aiming to meet sustainability goals and reduce Scope 2 emissions, and bolstered by global commitments to increase #renewable energy production. He pointed out the increasing adoption of RECs due to their simplicity and factual basis.

In addition, Zhaotan identifies key challenges in the market, such as the need for more education and awareness, standardisation and implementation of rules, and reduction of friction in the REC issuance and transaction processes. He elaborated on how REDEX has digitised and streamlined these processes, supporting the development of the RECs ecosystem, including efforts to integrate small distributed rooftop solar assets into the REC market.

Overall, the interview offers a comprehensive look at the promising future of the REC market in Asia, acknowledging the hurdles that need to be overcome to realise its full potential.

Check out the conversation here: