REDEX Is a Member of the Singapore Green Building Council

REDEX is now a Member of the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), the only non-profit organisation in Singapore with a concerted private-public sector partnership to achieve a greener, healthier and more sustainable built-environment.

SGBC enables sustainability across the building and construction value chain, championing capability development and innovative solutions that support industry transformation through its Membership, Outreach and Certification programmes. The repository of proven green building solutions helps to enable green procurement in the industry, profiling leading and innovative solutions that go towards building a greener, healthier built environment. SGBC is also an Established Member of the World Green Building Council, a network of nearly 70 national green building councils in operation around the world.

REDEX joins more than 420 organisations from across the building and construction value chain as a Member of the SGBC, including property developers, real estate owners, architects, building consultants, engineers, solutions providers, government agencies and the academia. SGBC Members regularly come together to forge meaningful industry and community connections, catalysed by SGBC’s unique position in the green building value chain and access to key global resources to further any sustainability conversation.

As a leading provider in renewable energy provisions, REDEX is committed to driving the global transition to net zero through offering innovative expert solutions. Our core technology solutions enable corporates to manage and reduce their emissions while enabling digitalisation. By working together with SGBC and other members, REDEX hopes to promote environmental responsibility across the industry together.