Redex Sponsored and Participated as a Panelist and an Exhibitor at Renewable Energy Markets (REM) Asia 2023

REDEX is proud to be a key sponsor for Renewable Energy Markets Asia 2023, a premier event focused on the renewable energy industry. The conference was held in Singapore from 27-28 April 2023. REDEX set up a booth to showcase its latest products and services to visitors from all over the world. During the conference, REDEX presented its core products which include REHash, RESuite, and REConnect, at its booth. Delegates at REM Asia 2023 therefore had the opportunity to experience these products first-hand, gaining a better understanding of the features and benefits offered by these products. By providing a hands-on experience, REDEX was able to effectively demonstrate the value of its products to industry professionals and potential customers.

One of the highlights for the conference is our CEO, Mr Kang Jen Wee, giving the keynote address and speaking at a panel discussion on the topic of ASEAN Renewable Energy Market Integration and Market Boundary Considerations. During his keynote address and panel discussion, Mr. Kang provided his insights on the current developments in the renewable energy sector, highlighting the importance of technology-driven innovation to speed up the shift towards a low-carbon economy. With his extensive experience in various renewable energy markets in ASEAN, Mr. Kang was able to offer valuable industrial knowledge on crucial topics such as cross-border trading, market boundary revisions, future demand drivers, and other obstacles that might hinder market entry. He also discussed REDEX’s commitment to sustainability and its plans for expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, working with partners to advance the adoption of renewable energy solutions.

Overall, REDEX’s participation in Renewable Energy Markets Asia 2023 has been a great success, providing the company with an opportunity to showcase its products and services to a global audience, connect with potential customers and partners, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue around the future of renewable energy.