REDEX Shares Expertise at Sustainability Week Asia

At the 3rd annual Sustainability Week Asia, REDEX Founder and CEO Jen Wee Kang shared his thoughts on some of the trends shaping the renewable energy landscape to business and key opinion leaders.

For Jen Wee, distributed solar, or power generated from decentralised rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, is well-positioned to be a major contributor of the global transition to clean and renewable energy. According to the International Energy Agency, solar PVs will account for more than 70% of new renewable energy capacity globally over the next five years.

Furthermore, Jen Wee explained how renewable energy certificates (RECs) can potentially support #decarbonisation with respect to Scope 2 emissions. As RECs provide additional revenue that improves the internal rate of return for renewable energy assets, they can potentially spur the construction of new renewable energy projects and meet the net zero goal faster.  

In addition to Jen Wee contributing as a panellist, Team REDEX was able to connect and engage with many other sustainability conscious peers at Sustainability Week Asia. Thank you Economist Impact for organising this event that brings together diverse stakeholders – corporates, regulators and individuals – to take collective action against climate change. We look forward to next year’s event!