REDEX  Shares Expertise on Sustainable Development at GAIL Forum 2023

REDEX is honoured to have our representative selected as one of the esteemed panelist speakers at the 6th edition of the GAIL Forum, organized by the ONERHT Foundation and happened on 20 Jul 2023. The forum, which stands for “Greening ASEAN: Initiatives & Leadership,” brought together leading experts and companies from various industries to explore sustainable development practices in the ASEAN region.

As a company that has always been committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable growth, REDEX is thrilled to be part of this impactful event. The forum’s agenda was packed with insightful case studies and engaging panel discussions on ENERGY, STRATEGY, and FINANCE, all of which are critical aspects of creating long-lasting, sustainable businesses. The guest of honour, Mr Heng Swee Keat, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, kickstart an exchange of views on sustainability with a keynote speech. Our CEO had the privilege of joining a panel at the GAIL Forum 2023, discussing “Driving Global Decarbonisation: What’s the Best Way for Business?”  and sharing insights with the audience.

REDEX is grateful to the ONERHT Foundation for organizing this remarkable event that fostered valuable knowledge exchange and promoting sustainable development within the ASEAN region.