REDEX Shares Insights on RECs and Participation in UOB FinLab’s GreenTech Accelerator Program in Sustainability Series

As part of UOB FinLab’s new Sustainability Series for SMEs, REDEX’s Business Development Director, Alex Loh, shared about the benefits of participating in UOB FinLab’s GreenTech Accelerator. He also highlighted on the future of sustainability and how RECs play a part in helping organisations move towards green initiatives.

Alex Loh, Business Development Director, REDEX said: “We received immense potential from the GreenTech Accelerator programme. We managed to meet industry leaders, bounce ideas off other players in the space and secured new clients. Being in front of such a curated network opened REDEX up to many business touchpoints where we could collaborate and work with new partners. At the same time, we were able to contribute back to the space by sharing our key learnings with other industry players and our approach to long term sustainability.”

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