Transforming Industries: REDEX’s CEO Discusses Green Practices at the Shape the World Summit in Sarawak

The Shape the World Summit in Sarawak, held on June 21st, 2023, gathered 400 influential leaders from various sectors at the Pullman Hotel in Kuching. Under the theme “Future Resilience by Sustainability,” the event served as a platform for meaningful discussions and innovative solutions. In “Track 4: Competent Pivot. How to evolve the industry or old practices towards sustainability?”, our CEO,Kang Jen Wee, delivered a talk on green data centers, emphasizing the adoption of sustainable practices within the industry. Our CEO’s presentation inspired participants to explore sustainable solutions for their own data center operations. He was also part of the panelist discussion for Track 4. The Shape the World Summit in Sarawak marked a step forward in promoting sustainability across sectors, with our CEO’s talk contributing to the event’s success in advocating for a greener digital infrastructure.